Jaka to melodia?

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  • Nierozlaczka
    7 miesięcy, 3 tygodnie temu #

    Different world Alan Welker

    ,,… Nie widziałeś tego jeszcze, o popatrz.

    Szerokimi ulicami…”

    cd 사랑
    7 miesięcy temu #

    Natalia Kukulska – Tyle słońca w całym mieście

    Lips meet teeth and tongue..

    My heart skips eight beats at once..

    7 miesięcy temu #

    Billie Elish – Watch 

    “Now hey, hey

    I still hear the word of yesterday

    Eh, hey, but broken are now all the tracks, we laid”

    7 miesięcy temu #

    Mikolas Josef – Believe (Hey, Hey)

    “So take aim and fire away. I’ve never been so wide awake. No, nobody but me can keep me safe. And I’m on my way…”

    7 miesięcy temu #

    Alan Walker – On My Way


    He left no time to regret

    Kept his dick wet

    With his same old safe bet

    Me and my head high

    And my tears dry

    Get on without my guy

    You went back to what you know

    So far removed from all that we went through

    And I tread a troubled track

    My odds are stacked

    I’ll go back to black


    We only said goodbye with words

    I died a hundred times

    You go back to her

    And I go back to…

    I go back to us


    I loved you much

    It’s not enough

    You love blow and I love puff

    And life is like a pipe

    And I’m a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside

    5 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    Czyja to piosenka?

    When you get older, plainer, saner

    When you remember all the danger we came from

    Burning like embers, falling, tender

    Long before the days of no surrender

    Years ago and well you know

    Smoke ’em if you got ’em

    ‘Cause it’s going down

    All I ever wanted was you

    I’ll never get to heaven

    ‘Cause I don’t know how

    Let’s raise a glass or two

    4 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    LP – Lost on you

    As a child you would wait. And watch from far away. But you always knew that you’d be the one. That work while they all play. 

    4 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    Imagine Dragons – Warriors.

    We can feel an order

    Getting in our way

    We don’t need the rule of yesterday

    Breaking down the borders

    Tearing down the sides

    Hear this one last time

    Name that tune.

    4 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    Marnik – Up & Down


    Do you ever feel like a misfit?

    Everything inside you is dark and twisted

    Oh, but it’s okay to be different

    4 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    Do Am I – Ava Max


    Mama said

    Fulfill the prophecy

    Be something greater

    Go make a legacy

    Manifest destiny

    Bin the days

    We wanted everything, wanted everything

    Mama said

    Born your biographies

    Rewrite your history

    Light up your wildest dreams

    Museum victories, everyday

    We wanted everything, wanted everything

    4 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    Panic! At the disco – High hopes

    We got to run to the rock
    Please hide me, I run to the rock
    Please hide me, run to the rock
    Please hide here
    All on that day

    4 miesięcy, 2 tygodnie temu #

    Nina Simone – Sinnerman.

    You’ve been dressing up the truth

    I’ve been dressing up for you

    Then you leave me in this room, this room

    Pour a glass and bite my tongue

    You say I’m the only one

    If it’s true, then why you running, you running?

    Jaka to melodia? 🙂

    3 miesięcy, 3 tygodnie temu #

    Ten topic jest zbyt fajny, aby o nim zapominać. Kontynuujmy go dalej.

    3 miesięcy, 3 tygodnie temu #

    Say my name – Bebe Rexha, David Guetta i J Balv


    Co to jest? Podpowiedź że z jednego ze zwiastunów The Sims.


    Everywhere I go Higher than United, fly with me Everybody knows There’s no sleep ’till Brooklyn, no sleep We get high, we roll by, yeah we get with it We’ve been up, we’ve been down, we got over it Everywhere we go We’re the kings and queens and we run this city


    3 miesięcy, 3 tygodnie temu #

    New PoliticsEverywhere I Go


    What’s this ? c:



    Take you like a drug

    I taste you on my tongue


    You ask me what I’m thinking about

    I’ll tell you that I’m thinking about

    Whatever you’re thinking about

    Tell me something that I’ll forget

    But you might have to tell me again

    It’s crazy what you do for a friend


    Go ahead and cry little girl

    Nobody does it like you do

    I know how much it matters to you

    I know that you got daddy issues


    And if you were my little girl

    I’d do whatever I could do

    I’d run away and hide with you

    I love that you got daddy issues, and I do too


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